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Cabins now available
Thanksgiving Weekend
Hunting With a Hero - Veterans Day weekend


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Cabins now available

We now offer 1 bedroom cabins with kitchens. The cabins are located at the edge of town and provide comfortable lodging for those weekend hunters. There are 6 cabins total, 4 have queen size beds and 2 have twin beds. Each one has a full kitchen and  a small living area with cable TV.

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great weekend here at the Anchor T Heart Ranch. Nothing like a house full of family for the holidays. Thanks to TRA Homes we were able to stay in the 100 year old ranch house that we are renovating into a comfy hunting lodge.
The weather was perfect for hunting, there was a lot of wildlife moving. Saturday we took out 3 really nice 8 point cull bucks all with in about 20 minutes.

Hunting With a Hero - Veterans Day weekend

ATH Ranches and Hunting With a Hero teamed up this Veterans Day weekend for a successful hunt. Rachel Clark of S.C. was a sponsor for CSM Russel Reimers, United States Army and both hunters walked away with smiles on their faces.
Rachel bagged herself a nice 3 1/2 turn Black Buck while CSM Reimers nailed a 29 inch Axis Buck. When not out stalking their prey our guides took them on a night hunt for jacket rabbits and raccoons also ending in great success.
I would likc to give a huge Thank You to our guides Roy Colvard and Cody See for doing such an amazing job.
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